About project

With 30 partners distributed in 15 countries, the enviroGRIDS project is contributing to the Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS) by promoting the use of web-based services to share and process large amounts of key environmental information in the Black Sea catchment (2.2 mio. km2, 24 countries, 160 million inhabitants). The main aim of the project is to assess water resource in the past, the present and the future, according to different development scenarios. The objective is also to develop datasets that are compatible with the European INSPIRE Directive on spatial data sharing across Europe. The data and metadata gathered and produced on the Black Sea catchment will be distributed through the enviroGRIDS geoportal. The challenge is to convince and help regional data holders to make available their data and metadata to a larger audience in order to improve our capacity to assess the sustainability and vulnerability of the environment.

About Geoportal

The EnviroGRIDS geoportal is designed and implemented as a virtual database. It is based mainly on Web services, connection to social networks, and semantic web. It integrates different technologies like GIS,  multimedia, and virtual reality. Important part is integration of social networking tools supporting social assessment. These services are not implemented on the EnviroGrids  portal directly, but they are implemented as virtual services on different places in Europe.

The EnviroGrids geoportal includes the following types of  tools:

  1. Social networking tools based on Liferay including
    • Virtual libraries
    • Educational materials
    • Content sharing tools
    • Connection to Social Networks
    • Application Integrator
    • Uniform Resource Manager tools, including
      • Metadata tools
      • SDI supporting tools
  2. Therefore the tools implemented in the training platform for education are as follows:
  • Liferay
  • Uniform Resource Management including
    • MICKA with Catalogue client
    • HSlayers
    • GeoServer