The pilot is implemented in the protected area Litovelske Pomoravi (, which belongs to the Black Sea catchment. The scenario is applicable in any region of the Black Sea catchment.

The National Conservation Area (NCA) Litovelske Pomoravi is a bottomland forests conservation area and it is a source of drinking water for surrounding cities and towns. During the summer, when there is a rainfall deficit, demand for drinking water consumption increases and at the same time, it is necessary to actively protect the cover of bottomland forests, so that they are not damaged irreversibly.  For the bottomland forest, the biggest danger is the fall of the ground water level to a critical limit, when the water column to the root system of the forest is interrupted.

The pilot area is depicted in the following interactive map window.


Figure 1 Demonstration photos of the protected area Litovelske Pomoravi


Another particular local problem is the drying up of the Benkovský brook spring and watercourse. Consequences can be seen in the Střeň village (located further on the Benkovský brook watercourse), where waters drained away through the local sewage treatment plant are led to Benkovský brook and, in the case of low level of water or drying up of the brook, water from the sewage treatment plant is not diluted sufficiently.

The pilot aims to create a system, which would independently monitor the ground water level and thereby enable the optimisation of drawing the ground water from individual pump wells in order to comply with demand of consumers and at the same time to ensure protection of the bottomland forest.

The testing pilot runs with 22 drills - monitoring/pump wells - in distance of 100 to 300 meters, an electrified railway line and road leads across the measurement line.

A sensor is a device that measures a physical quantity and converts it into a signal which can be read by an observer or by an instrument. Groundwater level is measured by determining the height of water column above the pressure sensor. Pressure sensor is equipped with temperature compensation and compensation for changes in atmospheric pressure. The measured values are transmitted using GPRS.

Figure 2 Installation of pressure sensor for a single drill


Figure 3 Scheme of the measurement